Why not HTMX?

One of the most frequent questions I’ve been asked over the last year is… Have you heard of HTMX? What do you think about it? Today, I’m finally going to answer that question. (Spoiler alert: I don’t like it.) Let’s dig in! What is HTMX? HTMX provides attributes that you can use to write interactive HTML components declaratively in your markup instead of separately in a JavaScript file.

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  • HTMX の批評。47.8kb と小さくないフットプリントと、独自属性によるベンダーロックイン、あらゆる要素をクリッカブルに出来てしまう a11y の懸念、コンセプトに含まれる懐疑的な点。総じて Web Components が優位という指摘

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