WebKit Switching to Skia for 2D Graphics Rendering

In recent years we have had an ongoing effort to improve graphics performance of the WebKit GTK and WPE ports. As a result of this we shipped features like threaded rendering, the DMA-BUF renderer, or proper vertical retrace synchronization (VSync). While these improvements have helped keep WebKit competitive, and even perform better than other engines in some scenarios, it has been clear for a while that we were reaching the limits of what can be achieved with a CPU based 2D renderer.There was an attempt at making Cairo support GPU rendering, which did not work particularly well due to the library being designed around stateful operation based upon the PostScript model—resulting in a convenient and familiar API, great output quality, but hard to retarget and with some particularly slow corner cases. Meanwhile, other web engines have moved more work to the GPU, including 2D rendering, where many operations are considerably faster.We checked all the available 2D rendering libraries we…

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  • WebKit が 2D 描画エンジンを Cairo から Skia に変更しようとしている。CPU ベースの描画としては高い性能だったが、他の描画エンジンが GPU ベースになる中、アーキテクチャの課題で Cairo を GPU ベースに刷新できなかった