Azure - Inside the Azure App Service Architecture

In this articleFebruary 2017Volume 32 Number 2[Azure]By Yochay Kiriaty February 2017Azure App Service is considered an excellent Platform as a Service (PaaS), offering an application platform for developers to build Web, mobile and API applications. Its offerings range from simple marketing and digital presence applications to scalable e-commerce solutions and hyper-scale, customizable applications.App Service is fully managed, which means no administrative tasks are required to manage underlining compute infrastructures (servers) on which your applications run. You don’t need to worry about the underlining server maintenance as the platform patches the OS and frameworks for you. Your application runs on virtualized servers, but you should only care for setting the maximum number of server instances on which you want your application to run. The platform handles scaling when your application needs additional compute resources and, at the same time, it handles the load balance traff…
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  • Azure App Service の内部のアーキテクチャのついて説明するドキュメントなんてあったんだ。2017年の記事だから現在は細かい部分は変わっているかもだけれど。