Multi-VPC ENI Attachments

Multi-VPC ENI AttachmentsPosted On: Oct 26, 2023AWS announces the general availability of multi-Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) elastic network interface (ENI) attachments for Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) instances. With this capability, customers can now launch an instance with a primary ENI in one VPC and attach a secondary ENI from another VPC. With multi-VPC ENI attachments, customers can maintain VPC level segregation between networks, while allowing select workloads like centralized appliances and databases to communicate between them.Customers such as telecommunication providers that send different types of network traffic within AWS regions as well as between on-premises and AWS need logical separation for their workload. Using different VPCs for different types of network traffic such as control and data plane traffic, customers can now segment their traffic at the VPC level, while shared workloads like virtual routers, firewalls, and databases can maintain connectivity bet…
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