RJIT by k0kubun · Pull Request #7448 · ruby/ruby · GitHub

diff1: 55367b3...22d944c Description This PR replaces the current implementation of MJIT with a new JIT called "RJIT" 2. RJIT uses a pure-Ruby assembler to generate native code MJIT requires a C ...

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  • The pull request #7448 on the GitHub repository of Ruby seems to be related to the "ruby/ruby" project, and specifically submitted by a user named k0kubun. However, connections nyt without specific details or access to the repository, I can't provide the exact content or context of the pull request.

  • えっ、なんかRubyのMJITの実装がRJITという名前のものに置き換えられてるんですけど。しかも

    RJIT uses a pure-Ruby assembler to generate native code