Introducing KWOK: Kubernetes WithOut Kubelet

Author: Shiming Zhang (DaoCloud), Wei Huang (Apple), Yibo Zhuang (Apple) Have you ever wondered how to set up a cluster of thousands of nodes just in seconds, how to simulate real nodes with a low resource footprint, and how to test your Kubernetes controller at scale without spending much on infrastructure? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you might be interested in KWOK, a toolkit that enables you to create a cluster of thousands of nodes in seconds.
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  • Fake clusterってなに??って思ったけど、動かしてみたら意味が分かった。実際には動いてないノードやコンテナを動いてることにできるので、自前の学習やコントローラーのテストに向いてるってことか。面白い