TypeScript 5.0 Iteration Plan

This document outlines our focused tasks for TypeScript 5.0. It minimally indicates intent to investigate tasks or contribute to an implementation. Nothing is set in stone, but we will strive to complete these tasks in a reasonable timeframe. Date Event November 15th TypeScript 4.9 Release January 20th Create 5.0 Beta (5.0.1) Build for Testing January 24th TypeScript 5.0 Beta Release February 24th Create 5.0 RC (5.0.2) Build for Testing February 28th TypeScript 5.0 RC Release March 10th Create 5.0 Final (5.0.3) Build for Testing March 14th TypeScript 5.0 Final Release 🚀 gantt dateFormat YYYY-MM-DD TypeScript 4.9 Stabilization Period : 2022-10-28, 2022-11-11 TypeScript 5.0 Beta Development : 2022-10-28, 2023-01-19 TypeScript 5.0 RC Development : 2023-01-19, 2023-02-23 TypeScript 5.0 Stabilization Period : 2023-02-23, 2023-03-14 todayMarker stroke-width:5px,stroke:#0f0,opacity:0.5 Language and Compiler Features ECMAScript Decorators Unify All enums as Unions Legacy Flag Deprecation Investigate Bundler-Oriented Module Resolution Options Support .ts as a Module Specifier for Bundler/Loader Scenarios Declaration Files for Non-JavaScript Files Allow Arrays in extends for tsconfig.json Files Investigate Per-File Settings lib.d.ts Updates Make @types/web Versionable Editor Productivity switch/case Snippet Completions Investigate SharedArrayBuffer-Backed Host for Web Editing Contexts Investigate Limited ATA-Like Scenarios in Web Editing Contexts Implement Cancellation in Web Editing Contexts Easy Run/Debug for Loose TypeScript Files Performance Investigate Module Resolution Caching in .tsbuildinfo Files Optimizing .tsbuildinfo Investigate Tooling for JIT Deoptimizations Infrastructure Migrate TypeScript to Modules Enable strictFunctionTypes on TypeScript Codebase Website Make Onboarding and Cross-Platform Installation Smoother

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