MPArch(Multiple Page Architecture) project in Chromium

This article is written by referring to the Multiple Page Architecture document.MotivationAccording to the Google Chromium team, some years ago it turned out that the BFCache(Back/Forward cache), Portals, Guest Views, and Prerender faced the same fundamental problem of having to support multiple pages in the same tab, but were implemented with different architecture models. BFCache and pending deletion documents were implemented with a Single-WebContents model. On the other hand, Portals and Guest Views were implemented with a Multiple-WebContents model. After extensive discussions between the Chrome Security Architecture team, the BFCache team, the Blink Architecture team, the Portals team, and others, they concluded that BFCache and Portals should converge to a single shared architecture. This is crucial to minimize the complexity of writing browser features on top of and within and minimize the maintenance cost across the codebase.Multiple Page Architecture [1]In addition to BFCach…
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