Kubernetes' Complexity

Over the past month, I started rebuilding the Raspberry Pi Dramble project using Kubernetes instead of installing and configuring the LEMP stack directly on nodes via Ansible (track GitHub issues here). Along the way, I've hit tons of minor issues with the installation, and I wanted to document some of the things I think turn people away from Kubernetes early in the learning process. Kubernetes is definitely not the answer to all application hosting problems, but it is a great fit for some, and it would be a shame for someone who could really benefit from Kubernetes to be stumped and turn to some other solution that costs more in time, money, or maintenance!The Raspberry Pi Dramble cluster; a green LED indicates the node is Ready.I wanted to write this blog post while I'm in the middle of learning and implementing my first 'prod ready' Kubernetes cluster. If I wait until the end, I'll forget many of the hurdles I've encountered. One of the reasons Ansible for DevOps resonates with beg…

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