New Custom Handlers component for Chrome – make everything intensely

The HTML Standard section on Custom Handlers describes the procedure to register custom protocol handlers for URLs with specific schemes. When a URL is followed, the protocol dictates which part of the system handles it by consulting registries. In some cases, handlers may fall to the OS level and and launch a desktop application (eg. mailto:// may launch a native application) or, the browser may redirect the request to a different HTTP(S) URL (eg. mailto:// can go to gmail).There are multiple ways to invoke the registerProtocolHandler method from the HTML API. The most common is through Browser Extensions, or add-ons, where the user must install third-party software to add or modify a browser’s feature. However, this approach puts on the users the responsibility of ensuring the extension is secure and that it respects their privacy. Ideally, downstream browsers could ship built-in protocol handlers that take this load off of users, but this was previously difficult.During the last y…
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  • 任意の URL scheme を Web ページでハンドリングするためには registerProtocolHandler() を使う。この実装を担う custom_handler コンポーネントを、Chromium 特有の実装レイヤから切り離したリファクタリングについての話。 / “New Custom Handlers component for Chrome…”