Deep PostgreSQL Thoughts: Resistance to Containers is Futile

Recently I ran across grand sweeping statements that suggest containers are not ready for prime time as a vehicle for deploying your databases. The definition of "futile" is something like "serving no useful purpose; completely ineffective". See why I say this below, but in short, you probably are already, for all intents and purposes, running your database in a "container". Therefore, your resistance is futile.
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  • 実に清々しい記事。PostgreSQLのコンテナでの実行に"抵抗"するのは無駄なことで、そのように考えている人は意識を変えるべきとの主張。抵抗している人は「コンテナとは何か」を理解した方が良く、今では非コンテナでポスグレを動かしてもcgroupやnamespaceは使っている。