Build a Raspberry Pi-powered Smart Pill Cabinet – – The Week in Geek™

Video & GitHub RepoIntroductionIt can be tough to remember to take medications or daily supplements. This tutorial illustrates a beginner-friendly, no-solder, tech-for-good project to create a pill box with an LED light that will light up to remind you that it’s time to take your meds. The project works as follows:When the Raspberry Pi is plugged in, an external LED light on the box begins to flash, indicating that the device is working.Opening and closing the box lid will turn off the flashing LED and schedule the light to turn on again at any time listed in the alarm_times list in the project’s python code. The tutorial will illustrate how you can set your own schedule times in the alarm_times list.When the light goes on, open the lid and take your meds. The light turns off when the lid is opened. It’s the user’s responsibility to remember to take their meds and put them back in the box. The light will go on again at the next time scheduled in the alarm_times list.If the power g…
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  • 元ツイートの絵面からすでに強そうなニオイがしていてみてみたらやっぱりそうだったw 薬を飲む時間を思い出させてくれる薬箱。
    beginner-friendly, no-solder, tech-for-good project ということで、とっつきやすいよと言ってて、はんだ付けは確かにないけど、レシピはしっかり。
    LEDによるアクチュエータ、磁気センサによるセンシングをちゃんと連携させてる。しかし、アラーム設定はちゃんと alarm_times = ['05:00', '17:00', '22:00'] で配列で設定できるの、設定フレンドリーで素晴らしい!