WhiteSource Merge Confidence

While this is satisfying to see, a better example is of a release that fails onlysome tests. In such a case, being aware that a release failed a significant amount of others’ tests would be very useful, even if it passes your own. Here’s an example from “postcss”:In the above example, it’s obvious that release 8.1.5 should be avoided. Checking in the repo revealsan issue confirming a fix in release 8.1.6. This is an example of the exact type of release that Merge Confidence was created to identify. It’s, in theory, a non-breaking patch release and it passes tests for most users, however there is definitely something wrong and everyone would be better off waiting until a subsequent release reaches high confidence.Although we’ve enjoyed digging into some of the low-confidence releases above, keep in mind that the entire idea of this new capability is that you actuallydon’t need to do detailed research like we did in the above examples when deciding whether to upgrade -- you can …

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  • Renovate が新たに Merge Confidence のベータを追加。
    renovate.json でオプトインすることで利用でき、リグレッションリスクを Renovate 側である程度判断してくれる様子。

    例えば危険なマイナーリリースを間違って入れないようにするケースや、一件メジャーリリースで身構えてしまうけれど、その実態は単純に古い Node.js のサポートを切っているだけで安全なケースなどを、より判断しやすく、そこにかけるコストを削減できるようにする機能みたい。