How we migrated Dropbox from Nginx to Envoy

In this blogpost we’ll talk about the old Nginx-based traffic infrastructure, its pain points, and the benefits we gained by migrating to Envoy. We’ll compare Nginx to Envoy across many software engineering and operational dimensions. We’ll also briefly touch on the migration process, its current state, and some of the problems encountered on the way.When we moved most of Dropbox traffic to Envoy, we had to seamlessly migrate a system that already handles tens of millions of open connections, millions of requests per second, and terabits of bandwidth. This effectively made us into one of the biggest Envoy users in the world. Disclaimer: although we’ve tried to remain objective, quite a few of these comparisons are specific to Dropbox and the way our software development works: making bets on Bazel, gRPC, and C++/Golang.Also note that we’ll cover the open source version of the Nginx, not its commercial version with additional features.Our legacy Nginx-based traffic infrastructureO…
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