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To give users more control over their files and limit file clutter, Android 10 introduced a new storage paradigm for apps called scoped storage. Scoped storage changes the way apps store and access files on a device's external storage. To help you migrate your app to support scoped storage, follow the best practices for common storage use cases that are outlined in this guide. The use cases are organized into two categories: handling media files and handling non-media files.To learn more about how to store and access files on Android, see the storage training guides.This section describes some of the common use cases for handling media files (video, image, and audio files) and explains the high-level approach that your app can use. The following table summarizes each of these use cases, and links to the each of sections that contain further details.Use caseSummaryShow all image or video filesUse the same approach for all versions of Android.Show images or videos from a particular fold…
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