Style guideline for Go packages · Go, the unwritten parts

Sat, Jan 14, 2017Go is about naming and organization as much as everything else in the language. Well-organized Go code is easy to discover, use and read. Well-organized code is as critical as well designed APIs. The location, name, and the structure of your packages are the first elements your users see and interact with.This document's goal is to guide you with common good practices not to set rules. You will always need to use your own judgement to pick the most elegant solution for your specific case.PackagesAll Go code is organized into packages. A package in Go is simply a directory/folder with one or more .go files inside of it. Go packages provide isolation and organization of code similar to how directories/folders organize files on a computer.All Go code lives in a package and a package is the entry point to access Go code. Understanding and establishing good practices around packages is important to write effective Go code.Package OrganizationLet's begin with suggestions ho…
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