PHP Internals News podcast :: Floats and Locales

Thursday May 7th, 2020 — 09:15 BSTDescriptionIn this episode of "PHP Internals News" I talk with George Banyard (Website, Twitter, GitHub, GitLab) about an RFC that he has proposed together with Máté Kocsis (Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn) to make PHP's float to string logic no longer use locales.TranscriptDerick Rethans 0:16Hi, I'm Derick. And this is PHP internals news, a weekly podcast dedicated to demystifying the development of the PHP language. This is Episode 52. Today I'm talking with George Banyard about an RFC that he's made together with Mate Kocsis. This RFC is titled locale independent floats to string. Hello, George, would you please introduce yourself?George Banyard 0:39Hello, I'm George Peter Banyard. I'm a student at Imperial College and I work on PHP in my free time.Derick Rethans 0:47All right, so we're talking about local independent floats. What is the problem here?George Banyard 0:52Currently when you do a float to string conversion, so all casting or displaying a fl…
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