Vue.js Global (vue-global)

<p>Come to the first ever Vue Global Meetup event!</p> <p>We want to bring all Vue communities together and create a place where we can all share resources and knowledge. Every location can provide a speaker as we broadcast around the world bringing new and seasoned speakers to everyone!</p> <p>The first event will include collaboration between the following communities:</p> <p>Featuring speakers from:</p> <ul> <li>Chicago Meetup VueJs</li> <li>Vue.js Berlin</li> <li>Vue DC</li> <li>Vue.js Antwerp</li> <li>Vue Raleigh</li> <li>Vue Kyiv</li> <li>Vue.js Vienna</li> <li>Vue.js Lyon</li> <li>Vue Amsterdam</li> </ul> <p>Collaborators:</p> <ul> <li>Vue Test Utils</li> <li>Vue Bangalore</li> </ul> <p>Anyone can join!</p> <p>You can join the official Vue chat to ask the speaker questions!</p> <p>Join via Zoom: <a link href=" <p>Password: 069901</p>
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