Firebase JavaScript SDK Release Notes

To review release notes for the Firebase console and for other Firebase platforms and related SDKs, refer to the Firebase Release Notes.Version 7.13.2 - April 2, 2020Cloud Firestore Fixed a regression introduced by a crypto change in 7.13.0 that breaks Firestore in IE 11. See GitHub issue #2827. Fixed an issue that causes excessive reads in large changesets over slow connections. See GitHub issue #2683. Fixed an issue causing WriteBatch.commit() to resolve one loop later than .set and .update. See GitHub issue #2822.FCM Fixed an issue introduced in 7.7.0, when FCM switched to provide base64-encoded VAPID keys to PushManager for push subscription. For backward compatibility, the SDK has switched back to using VAPID keys in type ArrayBuffer. See Github issue #2712.Version 7.13.1 - March 27, 2020Cloud Firestore Removed a dangling comma in package.json.Version 7.13.0 - March 26, 2020Cloud Firestore Added a memory-only firestore build. Instead of persisting data in the IndexedDB, it keeps …
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