A Collection of Interesting Ideas, 30 January 2020 To the extent possible under law, the editors have waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work. In addition, as of 30 January 2020, the editors have made this specification available under the Open Web Foundation Agreement Version 1.0, which is available at Parts of this work may be from another specification document. If so, those parts are instead covered by the license of that specification document.AbstractA Javascript API to request one time passwords for verifying credentials (e.g. phone numbers, emails).Table of Contents1 Introduction1.1 Aborting requests1.2 Web Components2 Transports2.1 SMS3 Concepts3.1 OTPCredential4 The OTPCredential Interface5 Global Interfaces6 Security7 Acknowledgements Conformance Index Terms defined by this specification Terms defined by reference References Normative References IDL IndexConformanceConformance requirements are expressed with a combination of descriptive assertio…

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