MiniApp Standardization White Paper

Core FeaturesSeparate the View Layer from the Logic LayerIn a miniapp, the view layer is usually separated from the logic layer.General Architecture of MiniAppThe View Layer is responsible for rendering MiniApp pages, including Web components rendering and native components rendering, which can be considered as hybrid rendering. For example, Web components rendering can be handled by WebView, but some of the Web components rendering aren't supported by WebView or have performance limitation, MiniApp also relies on some native components, such as map, video, etc.Logic Layer is implemented with JS Worker. The Worker is responsible for MiniApp’s event processing, API calling and lifecycle management.Extended native capabilities usually come from the hosting Native App or OS, including payment, file processing, scanning, phone call, etc. These capabilities are called through certain APIs. When a Mini App calls a native API, it transfers the API calling to Extended Native Capabilities for…
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