What’s new in 1.0.0 (January 29, 2020)

SparseSeries, SparseDataFrame and the DataFrame.to_sparse method have been removed (GH28425). We recommend using a Series or DataFrame with sparse values instead. See Migrating for help with migrating existing code.Previously, pandas would register converters with matplotlib as a side effect of importing pandas (GH18720). This changed the output of plots made via matplotlib plots after pandas was imported, even if you were using matplotlib directly rather than plot().Note that plots created by DataFrame.plot() and Series.plot() do register the converters automatically. The only behavior change is when plotting a date-like object via matplotlib.pyplot.plot or matplotlib.Axes.plot. See Custom formatters for timeseries plots for more.Removed the previously deprecated keyword “index” from read_stata(), StataReader, and StataReader.read(), use “index_col” instead (GH17328)Removed StataReader.data method, use StataReader.read() instead (GH9493)Removed pandas.plotting._matplotlib.tsplot,…

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