PHP Internals News podcast :: Preloading and WeakMaps

Thursday January 30th, 2020 — 09:01 GMTDescriptionIn this episode of "PHP Internals News" I chat with Nikita Popov (Twitter, GitHub, Website) about PHP 7.4 preloading mishaps, and his WeakMaps RFC.TranscriptDerick Rethans 0:16Hi, I'm Derick. And this is PHP internals news, a weeklish podcast dedicated to demystifying the development of the PHP language. This is Episode 38. I'm talking with Nikita Popov about a few things that have happened over the holidays. Nikita, How were your holidays?Nikita Popov 0:34My holidays days were great.Derick Rethans 0:36I thought I'd start with something else then I did last year. In any case, and wanting to talk to you this morning about something that happens to PHP seven four over the holidays. And that is issues with preloading on Windows with PHP seven four. I have no idea what the problem is here. Would you try to explain this to me?Nikita Popov 0:56So there were actually quite a few issues with preloading in early PHP 7.4 releases. The feature d…
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