This help only covers the parts of GLSL ES that are relevant for Shadertoy. For the complete specification please have a look atGLSL ES specificationLanguage:Version: WebGL 2.0Arithmetic: ( ) + - ! * / %Logical/Relatonal: ~ < > <= >= == != && Bit Operators: & ^ << >>Comments: // /* */Types: void bool int uint float vec2 vec3 vec4 bvec2 bvec3 bvec4 ivec2 ivec3 ivec4 uvec2 uvec3 uvec4 mat2 mat3 mat4 mat?x? sampler2D, sampler3D, samplerCubeFormat: float a = 1.0; int b = 1; uint i = 1U; int i = 0x1;Function Parameter Qualifiers: [none], in, out, inoutGlobal Variable Qualifiers: constVector Components: .xyzw .rgba .stpqFlow Control: if else for return break continue switch/caseOutput: vec4 fragColorInput: vec2 fragCoordPreprocessor: # #define #undef #if #ifdef #ifndef #else #elif #endif #error #pragma #lineBuilt-in Functions:type radians (type degrees)type degrees (type radians)type sin (type angle)type cos (type angle)type tan (type angle)type asin (type x)type acos (type x)type atan (…
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