Enjoy the Vue

Sponsor Ad:[00:00:00] Elizabeth: this podcast is brought to you by our friends at Linode. Whether you're working on a personal project or managing your enterprise's infrastructure, Linode has the pricing, support, and scale you need to take your project to the next level. Get started on Linode today by going to linode.com/vue.Intro music[00:00:30] Chris: Hey, everybody welcome to enjoy the view. My name is Chris Fritz. And today and our panel we have Elizabeth Fine.Elizabeth: Hey, everyone.Chris: Ari Clark.Ari: 'Sup benches!Chris: and Ben Hong.Ben: Hello hello!Chris: Great. So this is episode numero Uno, as they say in the biz, and also like in Spanish speaking countries, but with a better accent. And this is a new podcast. We were previously hosts on Views on Vue, and we're starting a new podcast. You know, if you are a listener of Views on Vue and are joining us here, Glad to have you back. You know, we've had a little bit of a hiatus as we've been trying to get this new podcast up …

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