Introducing Yarn 2 ! 🧶🌟

Hi everyone! After exactly 365 days of very intensive development, I'm extremely happy to unveil the first stable release of Yarn 2. In this post I will explain what this release will mean for our community. Buckle up!If you're interested to know more about what will happen to Yarn 1, keep reading as we detail our plans later down this post: Future Plans. If you just want to start right now with Yarn 2, check out the Getting Started or Migration guides. Release OverviewDescribing this release is particularly difficult - it contains core, fundamental changes, shipped together with new features born from our own usage. HighlightsThe output got redesigned for improved readabilitydesigned for improved readabilityOur CLI commands (yarn add, ...) are now aware of workspacesRunning yarn install can be made optional on per-repo basisA safer npx counterpart called yarn dlx to run one-shot toolsRun commands on all workspaces with yarn workspaces foreachPackages can be modified in-place through …
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