Jobs at Kinvolk

Role descriptionWe are looking to expand our Product team, to keep developing new products and improve existing ones like Nebraska. Thus, as part of this team, you will help develop products that are strategic to Kinvolk’s vision.For this position we are looking for a junior developer or a student who wants to work in backend or frontend technologies (or both), has good communication skills, and is proactive in how they carry on their daily tasks.Joining Kinvolk means you’ll be involved in open-source communities, and not only on the technology side. Kinvolk is active in organizing community events and we’d like you to be a part of those.To get a good idea of what we do, and what you’d be doing at Kinvolk, just take a look. We work in the open and encourage you to browse our github activity. This will show you what we do and how we go about it.Work to improve Open Source products as part of the Product TeamWhy Kinvolk?We’re always looking for ways to make Kinvolk a friendly and m…
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