ANSI Common Lisp

ANSI Common Lisp combines an introduction to Lisp programming, and a convenient, up-to-date reference manual for ANSI Common Lisp. Beginners will find that its careful explanations and interesting examples make Lisp programming easy to learn. Professional programmers will appreciate its thorough, practical approach.Prentice Hall, 1995, 432 pages, paperback. ISBN 0133708756.Buy at SoftPro (friends of mine and very reliable) or Amazon.An up-to-date reference manual for ANSI Common Lisp.An in-depth look at object-oriented programming. Explains the Common Lisp Object System (CLOS), and also shows how to write your own object-oriented language.Over 20 substantial examples, including programs for ray-tracing, text generation, pattern-matching, logical inference, generating HTML, sorting and searching, file I/O, compression, and date arithmetic.Special attention to critical concepts, including prefix syntax, code vs. data, recursion, functional programming, types, implicit pointers, dynamic …
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