Courting Haskell

In the past two months I've been trying to learn the Haskell programming language. It's vastly different from anything I know, so it served me also as a way how to empathize with complete beginners to coding. This is a diary from my journey.Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on UnsplashFirst sight love#I spent my university years juggling studying, freelancing, and partying. To accommodate all three, some sleep included, I decided to reframe courses as "tours into potentially interesting topics". Regardless whether I liked a course or not, I formally finished it with E, which was satisfactory to continue the school. E as in EFFICIENT.Personally, I categorized the topics into three sets. Respectable ones, which are noble and beautiful, but too hard for me to get my head around them (e.g. math). Intriguing ones, which I wished to dive into later in my life (compilers, functional programming…). And finally, topics I never wished to see again, ever (e.g. hardware).A superficial experience with …
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