Spring Cloud Stream

<p>This is the first post in a series of blog posts meant to clarify and preview what’s coming in the upcoming releases of <a href=" and <a href=" (both 3.0.0).</p> <p>Recently, I had a discussion with a user and heard something that prompted me to begin a series of blog posts (starting with this one) with the goal of both demystifying the true goals of <em>Spring Cloud Stream</em> and <em>Spring Cloud Function</em> projects as well as demonstrating their new features.</p> <h3><a href="#spring-integration-wrapper" class="anchor" name="spring-integration-wrapper"></a>Spring Integration Wrapper?</h3> <p>The specific phrase that prompted all this was - <em>"Spring Cloud Stream, being a light Spring Integration input/output router…”</em>. That’s an interesting perception, but I have to disagree. While it may have been inspired by Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) and builds on top of Spring Integration (SI), that last part is really just an implementation detail. Spring Cloud Stre…

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