Neural Networkベースのトラッキング手法GOTURNを使ってみる

#include <iostream>#include <opencv2/opencv.hpp>#include <opencv2/tracking.hpp>#include <opencv2/core/ocl.hpp>usingnamespacecv;usingnamespacestd;// Convert to string#define SSTR( x ) static_cast< std::ostringstream & >( \(std::ostringstream()<<std::dec<<x)).str()intmain(){    // Create a tracker    Ptr<Tracker>tracker=TrackerGOTURN::create();    // Read video    VideoCapturevideo("/path/to/video");    // Exit if video is not opened    if(!video.isOpened()){        cout<<"Could not read video file"<<endl;        return1;    }    // Read first frame    Matframe;;    // Define initial boundibg box    Rect2dbbox(287,23,86,320);    // Uncomment the line below to select a different bounding box    bbox=selectROI(frame,false);    // Display bounding box.    rectangle(frame,bbox,Scalar(255,0,0),2,1);    imshow("Tracking",frame);    tracker->init(frame,bbox);    while({        // Start timer        doubletimer=(double)getTickCount();        // Upda…
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