Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Advances in 2018 and Trends for 2019

By Altexsoft.2018 has passed. The insane pre-holiday shopping is behind us, along with celebrations, and personal to-do lists for the next 12 months. But it’s a great time for a retrospective. So, let’s analyze the data science and artificial intelligence accomplishments and events of the past year. We talked with experts from, Wolfram Research, BetConstruct, and other data science specialists who shared their thoughts about opportunities as well as their influence on business, research, and everyday lives for both industries.Highlights of 2018 in briefExperts have different points of view on whether 2018 was rich in important achievements and events.Machine learning and data science advisor Oleksandr Khryplyvenko notes that 2018 wasn’t as full of memorable breakthroughs for the industry, unlike previous years. No recent achievements can compete with inventions of a multilayer perceptron (MLP), neural net training techniques like backpropagation and backpropagation thro…
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