The Making of Freeciv WebGL 3D – Freeciv-web blog

This is the story of how the 3D WebGL version of Freeciv was created. Some of the most technical challenges of  creating an open source 3D WebGL game will be discussed in this article. Freeciv is a Free and Open Source empire-building strategy game inspired by history, exploration and mathematics, while Freeciv-web is the browser-based version of Freeciv. So we’ll start with Freeciv 1.0 created in 1996, and describe some of the steps it took to create a 3D WebGL version running in a web-browser.1996 – Freeciv version 1.0. Freeciv was created by the three Danish students Peter Joachim Unold, Claus Leth Gregersen and Allan Ove Kjeldbjerg in November 14, 1995. The first version was created for the Unix platform running on desktop computers and was implemented in C. Freeciv was licensed with the GNU General Public License. The first version used the X Athena Widgets Library (Xaw) and had 2D top-down graphics, and later got 2D isometric graphics.Circa 2007 – HTML5 version of Freeciv, ca…
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