IoT 週間人気記事ランキング(2021/7/4)

日本版: 1. ほんとに動く。LumiaやラズパイでWindows 11が動作 – すまほん!! 2. ゼロからはじめるPython(79) 550円で電子工作ラズパイピコを始めよう 3. ET & IoT West 2021 4. Raspberry Piで円周率を計算 5. obniz(オブナイズ)だけで誰でもIoTを今すぐ実現 海外版: 1. Machine Learning made easy with Raspberry Pi, Adafruit and Microsoft 2. All the tech that went into turning Columbus, Ohio into a ‘Smart City’ 3. The 1,200 IoT companies that are creating the connected world of the future – IoT Startup Landscape 2021 4. Building a tiny FORTH for an Arduino UNO in one week 5. Google commits to supporting Nest smart home devices for 5 years